Food Allergies and Intolerances

Food allergies and intolerances are continually increasing among humans, dogs, and cats. While there is no clear scientific evidence, the cause seems to be strictly connected to the enormous increase of polluted substances (xenobiotics) present in the environment and food chain. If we look to the polar bear as an example, we find an animal […]

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The Two Fundamental Causes of the Actual Diseases

Without a doubt, the average life of a human as well as┬ádomestic animals, has┬ásignificantly improved in the space of a few decades. We know that humans have already arrived to the average life of eighty years old, while a dog, where the average life was pretty short, until twenty years ago, between ten to thirteen […]

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Is It Realistic to Think That Dozens of Diseases May Depend on the Food?

If you read my articles or watch my videos, many of you will be perplexed by the high number of food-borne diseases I have linked. However, the principle is very simple: the body, like a car, requires a complete fuel with no irrelevant substances to run well. Pollutants, lack of omega3, and a devastated immune […]

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